About Us

Today, many people miss out on the opportunity to own one or more properties. This is not the result of a property shortage, but is often due to the difficulty of having the financial and legal requirements of such transactions professionally met. It can often prove either difficult or impossible to complete matters relating to real estate transfer.

This is why IDS was established. IDS Realtors was created to seal all the crevices of any real estate transaction with a quality, professional service, delivered from one location. We act as your ‘one-stop-realty-shop’ to guarantee you speed and efficiency and a proficient service.

We offer a range of quality services, including property sales, property management and property valuation. We are not only members of BEAVA (Barbados Estate Agent and Valuers Association) but also of a range of international listings and networks. This ensures that your property receives the maximum level of exposure both inside and outside of the island. Most importantly, we work together with ‘Virtus Legal’, a highly respected law firm and ‘CIBC First Caribbean International Bank’ to adequately meet all your legal and financial requirements. Our practice not only guarantees a smooth, easy transaction, but it does so whilst saving both parties much time and deliberations with legal and financial proceedings.

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